©2019 by The Trading Coin. Please note crypto currency trading and investing can be very volatile. You could lose a significant of money that you invest. Buying TTC should be a 2-5 year investment plan. The FCA currently don't offer any regulation for crypto but when they do we will be investing heavily to be approved by them. Please click here for our full legal document.

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Welcome to The Trading Coin (TTC)

Changing Trading One Trade at a Time With Cryptocurrency!

Gone are the days where somebody makes all the commission on your trades or deposits! We give back to the traders! If you hodl TTC or use TTC to deposit to one of our affiliates (coming soon) we will give you a percentage of our commission back! Every time we get paid so do you! You can choose your pay back in either crypto of fiat.

Please read our whitepaper for more information! We are currently in our private sale TTC=£0.10. Buy yours today before the price increases! (min 100 TTC) TTC is a ERC20 coin. We suggest using Trust wallet to hodl before we go live on an exchange.

About Us

Every groundbreaking Crypto business starts with a series of small ideas that are combined into an all inclusive one. At The Trading Coin , we wanted to change how traders see the concept of trading, by offering a simple and user-friendly Crypto Coin  they can trust. Our team of incredibly bright minded individuals have dedicated an immense amount of time and effort to ensure that TTC is the quickest, safest and easiest way to fund a trading account.

Features List

When you invest in TTC you're investing in much much more! More on our features coming soon.

Our mission is to make everything easier for traders!

Earn Crypto back 

Earn crypto back when you trade with our affiliate links through The Crypto Associates!

The Traders Exchange 

A exchange created by traders for traders! Low fees and quickness!

More coming soon !

We're all about the traders 


Got Questions? We’re Here to Help.

There's loads of ico's what makes 'TTC' Different?

TTC is all about rewarding traders! Did you know everytime you use an affiliate link someone is making money on you? So what we do is give you some of that back if you hodl TTC or use it to deposit (coming soon)

I want to buy TTC now in the private sale, what criteria do i need to meet and how do i buy TTC?

TTC is currently in a private sale. We are working very hard to get ready to launch our ICO! To be eligible to buy TTC you must be a trader already or a crypto investor! You must also pay in BTC. The price during our private sale is £0.10 per TCC. With a minimum of 100 TCC. Make sure to take advantage of this low price today! 

TTC looks like an amazing project! What are the time scales for different events?

Thank you, we know TTC is amazing! So we are currently in A private sale. With aims to launch a public ico in February 2020 with the ico running for 6 months! As this coin will be used for depositing to brokers we expect the value of TTC to rise to highly within a few years. This isn't a rush project. We want big things for TTC and that will take time. So for now we are looking for supporters to buy now at a very low price and help us on our journey!

Please allow up to 12 hours for TTC to arrive in your ERC20 wallet. Any concerns please do not hesitate to contact us! All transactions are viewable on etherscan. Thank you for taking an interest into TTC !